Apart from enjoying your day in Glavani Park, Istria is offering loads of activities for you and your family. Doing sports activities and traveling is just one way to spend your vacation and we will help you with that.

Diving in Vrsar
Three awesome persons (Ivan Nadj, Barbara Leth and Matthias Hanuschka) who run this diving center will show you amazing stuff under the sea. They offer diving courses from absolute beginner to technical diving, and their experienced diving instructors will provide first class training to you.

Sea Kayaking
Kayaking is a unique way of seeing and experiencing the beauties of the Istrian peninsula coastline with the wonderful Rovinj Archipelago and the protected landscape of the Lim Fjord.
You will learn everything there is to know about the marine environment and the cultural heritage of Istria, but also have fun discovering caves, secluded beaches, snorkeling and many more.

Snorkeling is the practice of swimming on or through a body of water while equipped with a diving mask, a shaped tube called a snorkel, and usually swimfins. In cooler waters, a wetsuit may also be worn. Use of this equipment allows the snorkeler to observe underwater attractions for extended periods of time with relatively little effort.

Flyboarding Porec
Think swimming with dolphins is exciting? Now you can go one better with a new jet pack device that lets adventure dive in and out of the water like “human dolphins”.
Invented by French jet ski champion Franky Zapata, the “Flyboard” allows daredevils to hover in the air at heights of over nine metres before plunging into the water.

Kamenjak National Park
Kamenjak is located in the south of Istria, as part of Premantura, which is located just 10 kilometers from Pula. From Premantura to Kamenjak you can drive by car, ride by bike or take a boat. Entrance to the area of protected landscape will be charged for vehicles, while the entrance for cyclists and pedestrians is free. Highly recommended is to visit our friend at the Safari Bar, just follow the signs! You can eat there too.

The Arena in Pula
The Pula Arena is the name of the amphitheatre located in Pula, Croatia. The Arena is the only remaining Roman amphitheatre to have four side towers and with all three Roman architectural orders entirely preserved. It was constructed in 27 BC – 68 AD and is among the six largest surviving Roman arenas in the World. A rare example among the 200 Roman surviving amphitheatres, it is also the best preserved ancient monument in Croatia.

The first Croatian show and theme park is located in the heart of Istria, about 25 minutes drive from the Slovenian border, not far away from Poreč (Funtana). One part of the park is located in an old quarry with moving life-size dinosaurs, surrounded by beautiful nature, woodland, with more than 1.5 km wooden paths.

Jama – Grotta Baredine
The Baredine Cave has been known and visited since ancient times, the first documented explorations can be traced back to the beginning of the last century when speleologists from Trieste explored it to the depth of 80 meters.
Baredine Cave is the first speleological object and natural preserve in Istria opened for tourists.

Feštinsko kraljevstvo
Also very worth visiting, perhaps on the same day as the Baredine caves, in the heart of Istria near the village of Feštini close to Žminj, with all its natural beauty, is the Feštini Kingdom Cave. Entering the cave you can hear the harmonious sound of the water drops that from time immemorial have created wonderful underground treasures reflected in the small pools of water. These are good friends of Glavani Park and although the caves are smaller, they are particularly beautiful and the owners run a really friendly park.