As we said in our post ‘A lot of work needs to be done before June‘ we need to do a lot of things before the summer season and we are at least in the right direction.

For now the most important thing to do is the zorb ball road and we are hoping – aiming – that it will be ready in the next month. There are a lot of things to do but, for Nevenko, there will be no problems 🙂 Every problem is solvable for our Nevenko!

So, firstly, we needed to lower the middle section of the road so that the ball couldn’t jump up and hit the underneath of the platforms of the “devil’s causeway” bridge. At one point this meant bashing through more than one metre of solid marble! Then we needed to clear the road of as many rocks and level with as little soil as possible.

Once we had measured the distance between the two sides to be sure the ball had enough space to roll and to be sure the road was as close to straight as could be, we fixed juniper fence posts into the ground, connected them with thick white rope and we are now stretching green plastic netting all the way down both sides. This has two purposes. The bottom of the net will be weighed down by a wall of rocks so that further rockfalls and rain sodden soil will be caught and kept off the road and the net will help the ball stay in a straighter line than last year. Once this is finished then we can put the green carpet back down.

Last year we couldn’t make the return system for the ball work. This is where, when the ball is at the bottom of the valley, we lift the ball up using an engine mounted on a zipline and then pull the engine and ball up the zipline to the starting point. As soon as the land is dry enough again, after the last lot of rain, we will take the excavator back to the top to lift us up high enough to raise this zipline another 2 metres. Hopefully then the return system will work!

We have bought a new zorb ball for 1500 euros, hopefully this one will last better than the one we had last year where the harnesses inside failed on too many occasions and the pvc was very weak too. 0.8mm not 1mm.

So, we will tell everyone on this blog and on Facebook when we finally succeed in finishing the run and start operating the zorb ball again!