We were, of course, waiting for the summer season – but we didn’t expect this. We are busy and it’s very hot; but, as always, the summer wind is blowing up from the coast cooling those climbing up high and it’s a perfect time for climbing. Come and “Enjoy” Glavani Park !

The Zorb Ball is, at last, running down the hill into the valley on a regular basis, sorry for the delays, and it is crazily fun. The Aerotrim is spinning around and around and around. The Big Swing is swinging and the guests are screaming. The cold beers are in the fridge. How can we complain?

Glavani Park is bigger and better than last year. We have a number of new workers, a couple of new games but the same and crazy owners (Nevenko and Nigel)

The Grill is on the fire, the quad bikes are nearby and even the horse riding is close.

If you plan to visit us then please send us an e-mail or call us on +385 (0)98 224 314 OR +385 (0)91 896 4525. We will make it the best day of your vacation.