We had a huge amount of work, especially on post number 5, owing to having to take down and then re-make all the games and platforms from the blue and black routes (remember the wooden upside down “Ts” and the 3 big nets on the 10 metre level?), but we managed it. We are proud of our work, in fact the work is of an even higher quality than before we believe 🙂

Nevenko has now become an absolute master at removing the old posts, re-digging the holes and putting in the new posts, the highest being 17 metres high at least! We have painted the bottom two metres, the part in the hole, with bitumen and been very careful when filling the holes with rock not to damage the exterior of the post. We believe that there are 3 reasons we are replacing the pine trees after just 4 – 5 years.

Firstly, pine is a soft wood and not the right wood for this job. Secondly, we covered the rocks around the posts with soil for better looks, but the soil meant wetness was always up against the wood at the junction with the atmosphere (worst scenario!) and thirdly, we pushed the rocks down with the big machinery thereby damaging the exterior of the post allowing the water, ants and fungus through the previously painted surface.

So now all of you can come and enjoy the yellow, blue and black routes with confidence and experience the very high quality of our “European ropes course association” qualified park!