As we mentioned in the ‘The new post arrived‘ post we have some new posts in Glavani Park, so we have debarked most of them and now we have changed one of them. Post No. 10

Firstly we removed all the rock around the old post No. 10 and took all the attached security wires and games down from the post, and with the help of Nevenko and his machines, we took the old post out of the ground and cleaned the hole as deep as was possible.

We found out that the old post/wood was actually in remarkably good condition, and only at the point between ground and atmosphere was rotted on one side about 8cm, the centre 20cm diameter was still like new – but better to change it to the new oak post while we can!

So, Nevenko lifted the new post inside the hole. Nigel and Darko were looking from a distance to see if the post was vertical in every direction.

When everything was in position we, again, put all the rock inside the hole – the big ones first and small ones on top.

The next job was to make the platform at 6 metres and then re-connect all the security wires from the other posts, so Nigel did this, and finally we connected the net for the first game on the black route and lifted the climbing steps upto the platform.

Now we are proud to say that this post is finished. The only problem is we have more posts to do! Our ropes course inspector had told us 4 years ago that the pine posts would have a shorter life span than oak but that was all we had 5 years ago!