Darko Legin

Darko Legin

Darko Legin
Darko Legin
Birthday: 25/04/1988
Age: 27
City of Birth: Pula
Nationality: Croatian
Profession: Professional Specialist in Business Information Systems

As a student I worked in Hotel, supermarket, Post office (IT office), summer kids park and a lot of jobs from home.

I finished Technical school in Pula and went for college, Polytechnic in Rijeka.
I went in Koper for ERASMUS exchange for one year.
I finished couple of CARNET courses.
I was playing football for 13 years.

Languages: Croatian, English, Italian (little bit)

Skills: Office, Flash, Photoshop, Planners Lab, WordPress and much more what I have learned and still learning in Glavani Park

Currently, I am working and going to college (couple more exams before I become Specialist in Business Information Systems)

Finished my studying