Darko, with the help of his colleague from college, has built a web application where customers can give grades about the park and about the employees and leave their comments about anything they like or dislike. In return they can receive a certificate of excellence for passing our high ropes course. Here are some of the comments they have made about the employees and their “park experience”.

Ugodno osoblje, zabavan park, vracamo se sigurno

Sve je bilo savrseno…pohvale!

Draga ekipo, jos jednom hvala na svemu, proveli smo predivan dan u Vasem parku i odusevljenju nema kraja. Sve je bilo iznad nasih ocekivanja i priznajemo da smo bili tuzni sto smo morali otici, ali otisli smo s osmjehom na licu. Park je divan, dobili smo velike doze adrenalina, i uz fenomenalnu muziku mi smo pobjedili nase strahove, a vi ste dobro pazili na nas! Super ste ekipa jer dajete Parku dusu i zelimo vam puno uspjeha do naseg sljedeceg posjeta! P.S Nigel, klopa kod barba Ive bila je pun pogodak!! Hvala jos jednom’ Obitelj Spehar

Hat uns sehr viel Spaß gemacht und alle sind super nett

Odlican park, susretljivo i uljudno osoblje, uredeno! Obavezno dolazimo opet i preporucamo drugima!! 😀

Nice atmosfere and very kind people, with lot of patience and all are kindness. If i give a tip: make breads or salads to eat, you will sell a lot!

Perfect location, fantastic employees and we will come back with friends.

Park atraktivan, osoblje odlicno, pristojno, prijateljsko, uvijek nasmijano, komunikativno i spremno pomoci.

With 5 i mean the best

D0cekao nas je Matija.On nas je bodrio i vodio kroz park. Same pohvale….

We also asked our customers a couple of questions about the park and, almost entirely, they are very satisfied. The question which received the lowest marks was – ‘Do the facilities in the park have a modern look?’ – and they are right. This park is not modern looking, but everything here is handmade with love…:-) .

The second “slight” complaint is about ‘Are the facilities visually appealing?’. This is related to the previous question, and we again agree with your opinion. Games, platforms and everything else can look better and nicer but we think it will lose the natural spirit (spirit of the nature!).

We will try to make our park even better for the next summer season, but, before that, we would like to thank all of you for visiting our park, and of course all our workers who have helped us a lot – without them nothing would have been possible: Nevena, Martina, Marko, Dalen, Matteo, Michele, Cassandra, Alen, Sanja, Armando, Matija, Emir, Emma Maja, Monika, Petra, Duje, Teo, Darko.