Bench and chairs
Bench and chairs

The summer season was over in the middle of October but, as usual, we didn’t stop working. In Glavani Park, work doesn’t stop with autumn because we need to prepare a lot of things for the next summer season.

Number one (No. 1) thing we must do is to check our security. Well security and health of every post, wire and game in Glavani Park. So this year we are digging 70 cm down around each post to expose the underground condition. We are then drilling a hole into every post below ground level until we come to where the sawdust still has a very fresh pine smell, usually just a few centimetres so we can be sure that the post is still absolutely healthy. All the information we gain from this is logged and will be sent to the European ropes course examiner. The drilled hole and the post is then painted thoroughly with anti-fungus preservative and then rocks are replaced around the post (without soil).

Number two (No. 2) job that we need to do are oak benches and tables for a bar that will be on the viewing platform/hill near the swing.
In this small gallery you can see how we do the benches and chairs. (Hole for the leg is much deeper 🙂 )

Number three (No. 3) is to check all the wires and cable end termination clamps around the park and, if needed, install new wires.