An aerotrim is a gyroscope large enough to contain a human being, used for cardiovascular workout and equilibrioception (balance) training in pilots and astronauts.

As always, Glavani Park’s owner Nevenko has been working in the evenings to make something new for all our customers looking for something new in our expanding park. He’s produced the aerotrim just for you. If you don’t know what the aerotrim is then you must watch the video!

Contrary to Nigel’s worries about making people sick, or at least dizzy, it does nothing of the sort! He was the first to try it and was laughing and enjoying it immediately. It is just really good fun, really easy to work and not at all scary.

In it’s first week of use we’ve had nothing but happy customers from 7 years old to 70 years old and of all shapes and sizes…it is perfect for those frightened of heights, those who aren’t interested in the other games we offer, and for all those that love all the games in our park 🙂

The experience of turning and spinning is similar to that within the zorb ball. Just GREAT FUN!

Come and try it.